Check Out the Rules for Playing the Bumper Pool Table Game

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Guard pool is an interesting rendition of the pool game. It is played with the assistance of pool sticks like the ones utilized in billiard table games. Anyway this is the place the similitudes end. Right now should shoot legitimately into the gap as opposed to shooting a ball for hitting another into the opening.

You could even play resistance by thumping the chunk of your adversary into an extreme position. It is really an obstruction billiard game where the players shoot around impediments for banking them into the pocket.

Octagonal guard pool tables are acknowledged for space-sparing properties in correlation with other billiard table games. Besides it is accessible in a 3-in-1 model which could be utilized as a card table or eating table.

Arrangement of the Game

The guard pool is normally played by 2 people or 4 people in 2 groups. Each group or player chooses either 5 red or 5 white balls. Out of them, one red ball comprises of a white dab and a white ball has a red dab. They ought to be stashed first in the game. One individual spots 2 red balls on each side of the white pocket and the checked red ball just before the white pocket. Another spots 2 white balls on each side of the red pocket and the checked white ball confronting the red pocket at the opposite finish of the table.

Beginning the game

While beginning the game, you should put your spotted signal ball confronting the scoring opening on your side. Both the players strike the spotted prompt ball at the same time and skip it off the edge of the table to their correct side so as to get it in the scoring opening on the opposite side of the table.

Request of turns

The player recognizing the sign ball end near the scoring gap goes first. He continues shooting till he neglects to hit into the scoring gap. At that point it’s the turn for the other player.

Game Play

Each player should shoot toward the pocket on the contrary side of the table. So as to begin the game both the players strike their individual checked balls at the same time by banking them off the side of the table the correct way. The players strike legitimately in guard pool and not with prompt ball as if there should arise an occurrence of the ordinary pool. In the event that you are the first to strike straightforwardly in the pocket at the furthest edge of the table, you should proceed with your turn.

On the off chance that if nobody strikes, both return their checked balls to the beginning stage for shooting once more. In the event that both the people hit legitimately into the pocket, each should put one of their residual balls before the pocket and take the second shot in the comparative manner. The turn of a player proceeds till he neglects to hit in the pocket.

Striking into the Wrong Hole

On the off chance that you strike into an inappropriate gap, it will tally. Anyway your adversary could put two of his balls into the opening by his hand. On the off chance that a player strikes the last one in an inappropriate scoring opening, he will lose the game.


On the off chance that you incidentally pocket the chunk of your adversary, it remains stashed. On the off chance that you inadvertently strike in an inappropriate scoring pocket or pocket a strong ball before the checked ball, the rival could expel two of the balls from the table and pocket them.

It will be a programmed misfortune, in the event that you shoot the last one into an inappropriate scoring pocket. On the off chance that you thump a ball off the table, your adversary may put it anyplace on the table. In addition your rival could put it in the focal point of the guards as it is the most troublesome spot for making the shot.

Look at these basic guidelines for guard pool table game and play this game in an ideal manner in your relaxation hours.